Are you trying to promote your business online using SEO services? then you need to know about SEO services providers. Here you can check the differences between a good vs a bad SEO company.


A good SEO company, once after contacting them, will maintain complete clarity by letting the client know about the competitors and what challenges exist and how much time it take to see the results? while a bad company tries to convince the client with fake promises like faster results and cheap pricing.



While a good SEO services gives assurance to the clients that they do their best to ensure that everything works fine and in worst case, they can’t do anything. However, Bad SEO companies says that everything is 100% guarantee, as most of the businesses fall prey to words rather than experience, they had to lose a lot later after knowing reality.


Contract agreement

Most of the SEO companies do ask to sign the agreement for a minimum period of 6 months. So you need to thoroughly check the agreement and everything before proceeding. However, choosing a no-contract SEO company is also the best option, but, few bad companies as they convince the client with their fake words, they do pretend well until the company signs the agreement and later won’t care much on doing the work.


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